Founded by Lyon Porter and Jersey Banks in 2014,  Cowboy Creative is the culmination of our passion for interior design, hospitality, and brand building.

It began in their Brooklyn townhouse, where the opportunity of having space and their desire for a creative community accidentally became the first Urban Cowboy Hotel. It was instantly and internationally recognized by design and travel publications and celebrated for their distinctive approach to hospitality and immersive environments.

Over the next decade their portfolio of spaces expanded, weaving a rich tapestry of personal and private projects that include their own boutique hotels as well as private homes and commercial spaces.

At the core of their craft are artists, makers, and visionaries uniting to breathe life into every project. Each space, a canvas for creative expression, adorned with meticulously curated details and bespoke creations, each one telling a story of craftsmanship and ingenuity.

Every room needs a statement piece!